Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Auction: Rare MegaMan Legends Bobble Head

It might not look like much, but this MegaMan Volnutt bobble head is a bit of a rarity.

Back in 2004, during the 15th anniversary blitz, a series of MM bobble heads were produced and distributed to select stores throughout North America (picked mine up at Toys R Us years ago).

Oddly, the bobble heads weren't sold on store shelves, rather you would have to ask an employee for it as they were located in the "back room." (as is the case of TRU) Some video game specialty stores such Game Crazy, gave away the bobble heads as pre-order items for the then up and coming MegaMan games.

So, now's your chance to bid on this little rarity. It's currently running at $9.99 ($4.99 shipping) with one bid. Good luck!


  1. No thanks and it is ugly looking. oO

  2. Me and a friend found an X one at Value Village for 3 dollars.. we didn't have any cash on us so we were forced to come back the next day.. But by that time it was gone :'(

  3. @Anon3: Reminds me of when I could have bought MMX3 for $5. :( I didn't know how valuable it was then, and got MMX instead.

  4. lol... My sister saw the Mega Man and X ones, and GameCrazy was so desperate to get rid of them they let her have an X one for me if she preordered ANY game..

    So she preordered Pikmin 2, and got me an X bobble. :3


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