Friday, February 20, 2009

The Mega Man Drought

Are you enjoying the recent "Mega Man drought" with a minimum of two games coming out in a single year? (not including multiple versions)

If you may recall, the market was almost over-saturated with Mega Man games with four to five games in a single year. This was great for those with an undying love for the Blue Bomber, but for the casual consumer, it was a torrent of confusion.

That said, Capcom, at some point, decided to cut back on the number of Mega Man games released in a year, allowing more leverage between releases. In your opinion, do you like this strategy? It allows you more time to enjoy each game coming out and saves you money!


  1. I think they should make a BN collection for the ds.Two versions conatining BN1-3 and the other BN4-6 now that 'd rock but i know that'll never ever happen.But they gonna show us a new megaman game in february right?I hope it's related to bn!!!!

  2. I'm not sure it's a strategy. I just think they aren't making them! XD

    Not enough are coming out, but I do think that having four or five a year seems to saturate the market too much.


    Actually, I don't mind the strategy, since it does give us time to enjoy each, and if we don't like it, we can just use it as a way to pass time in between releases and since there are more game companies than Capcom, it also gives us time to explore other some of the other games out there and of course, live a life....(Should've said life first....)

    If they made too many too fast, (fast meaning exaggeratedly fast in this case,) the quality would probably go down too, since it definately doesn't take a week to make a good, solid, mass-money-making, crowd-pleasing game. (If you take some of those individually, then yes, a week would be fine, but Capcom needs them all and more.)

  4. Yea having 2 Megaman games a year does sounds reasonable. Having too many of them released just cause more confusion there. Besides, I've played way too many video games long enough. . .time to go outside and play.

  5. I also like the strategy that if they want to create a new mega man game, they have to at least take it slow and make it good.

    If they keep releasing games and games while other gamers don't have a chance to obtain 100%, they'll lose money.

  6. I would like for them to have 2 or 3 games in 1 years, sure. One for DSi, One for Wiiware, and one for Wii. :)

  7. I'm okay with it; I have a hard enough time playing everything that comes out as it is, and Mega Man is nearly an obligation.

    Besides, I like to think that with more time between releases, more fresh and good ideas can come up, rather than churning out a series on an annual basis. In fact, I think I said somewhere back when this was going on that I'd rather they go through some sort of rotation.

    We just got Mega Man 9, I think doing X next would be better, then maybe ZX3 or Legends 3 (ha ha!). And they can keep doing Star Force on the side, I guess.

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  8. It's alright, for the most part.

    I mean, on one hand, that would hopefully mean that the quality of the games themselves will be higher (due to hopefully the programming talent only having to output 1-2 titles per year).

    On the other hand though, unless you're a "Hobby Style" Rockman fan, you're left to play "russian roulette", hoping that maybe the other one of the designated Rockman releases will pertain to your interests. If not, "too bad, so sad, better luck next time".

    I mean, sure, EXE/BN fans are guaranteed to get something that they may be interested in. But what about the rest of us?

    Is there really any wonder why the "Hobby Style" and "Traditional" Rockman fan bases can often be drawn to resent one another? These "droughts" only serve to further define those things that separate us, and cause "strife" amongst the fans.


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