Monday, February 2, 2009

MegaMan 9 Download Speeds Compared

Which version of MM9 downloads the fastest? MTV Multiplayer put all three version (Wii,X360,PS3) to the tests!

Download speed
-Mega Man 9 demo downloaded and installed on PS3: 142 seconds
-Mega Man 9 demo downloaded on Xbox 360: 345 second
-Mega Man 9 game downloaded on Wii: 27 seconds

Download sizes
-Mega Man 9 demo, PS3: 63 MB
-Mega Man 9 demo, Xbox 360: 88.7 MB
-Mega Man 9 game, Wii: 8.3 MB

DL speed/size final results
-Mega Man 9 download speed on PS3: .44 MB per second (1st place)
-Mega Man 9 download speed on Xbox 360: .26 MB per second (3rd place)
-Mega Man 9 download speed on Wii: .31 MB per second (2nd place)

Interesting how the speeds vary. To view more specifics and numbers, check out the complete article here.

News Credit: GoNintendo


  1. I dont count 360 and PS3 because Rockman 9 was actually for Wii only. The Capcom of USA decide to release it to 3 systems. I don't care about those two. Wii rocks.

  2. Hmm... The differing file sizes make me wonder if they just made a Wiiware emulator of sorts so that it would run on the other systems.

    I agree that Wii rocks. :)

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same, the file size difference is massive. It would have to be some kind of engine or something developed for those systems specifically to emulate the wiiware platform or something.

  4. Just like the Mark Gatha divorce news, I assume that you are once again out of real Mega Man news and are just posting for the sake of posting. =P

    Haha, don't worry, it's cool. Your blog is in fact the only actual internet blog that I actually read. In fact, I used to always go to The Mega Man Network for Mega Man news (and sometimes Rockman Perfect Memories as well) but now I always go here, simply because you're VERY thorough and you're usually the fastest to report any new Mega Man info. Keep it up, man!

  5. What can I say, slow news days bring slow news :)

  6. They didn't code a WiiWare emulator...that would be a pretty hard task, given that most of Nintendo's libraries are closed source (I'm a Wii developer).

    The difference in file size comes from the difference in resolution. Mega Man 9 uses texture-mapped quads to emulate the old 8-bit style. On the Wii, which runs at a maximum of 480p, they could get away with much lower resolution textures than on the 360 or PS3, where the games have to run at 720p.

    Texture sizes tend to balloon up once you start climbing resolution, so it just makes sense that the systems that run at larger displays have much larger file sizes.

    Plus, Capcom could probably get away with a much more lossy compression on the Wii, going on the assumption that most users are running in interlace mode.

  7. @Julian Spillane

    I still don't see how higher resolution textures could account for that large of a difference. Let's say they did have to upscale the images. The ratio of 1080p to 480p is 2.25, so let's say they had to scale all their images by that amount. Just goofing with a high quality JPEG file (not sure what format they use though), scaling it down by a ratio of 2.25 decresed the file size by a ratio of about 4.6. This is all loosely calculated of course. Assuming the game file constsis of only image data and no game code, this should increase the file size of both the PS3 AND 360 versions to 38.18MB, not 63 and 88.7 respectively. And this is also assuming detailed images and thus more data used for the details. NES style tiles are usually pretty simple and the compression would be very high because of this. Plus there is a lot of game code in there that didn't change at all.

    That also begs the question, why different file sizes between the 360 and PS3 versions? I don't think you can chalk it up to just image resolution.

    Not that I'm saying you don't what your talking about, but that just doesn't seem to add up ;)

  8. No that doesn't add up. I didn't mean a wiiware emulator specifically, I meant just a sort of interpreter that allowed the code to be used for the other systems with minimal changes.

    You can't chalk that up to resolutions. These graphics are so simple with so few colors that a giant bitmap wouldn't have that huge of a file size. And they wouldn't bother anyway. The pixelly graphics would look exactly the same blown up whether they were small resolution or high resolution.


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