Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Capcom to Pump Up DS Support

According to Capcom's third quarter Q&A session, the company is looking at the possibility of increasing their Nintendo DS support, releasing more games that don't bare the title of Ace Attorney:

"One of our leading titles is ‘Monster Hunter 3 (tri-).’ If we can gain recognition of this product in the European and North American markets, our market strategy will see a noticeable change. Meanwhile, we are reviewing the possibility of releasing new titles besides ‘Ace Attorney’ for Nintendo DS.”

What does this mean for us? Hopefully more Rockman games! Maybe not the likes of ZX3, but something. Anyone else up for a 5 Island Adventure port?

News Credit: Siliconera, Heat Man


  1. I'm up for anything Megaman related.


  2. I am up for anything expect not related to SSR series at all!

  3. My hopes would be for a DASH game for the DS... even if it were a port of Legends 64 for the DS, it would still be worth it.

  4. I highly doubt they'll release 5 Island Adventure to DS.

    But if they do I swear I'll nerdgasm or somthin'.

  5. Anything Rockman is fine with me.

  6. Oh, Oh God. 5 Island Adventure. Capcom, please!


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