Friday, February 13, 2009

E-Capcom Preps WHF Goods

Looks like E-Capcom updated their Rockman category with some delightful goods straight from the winter World Hobby Fair. The new items include a spiffy Noise Gear folder, a Misora/Luna poster, a Black Ace/Red Joker "drip mat" (?), and much more.

Hopefully, these goods will pop up on Play-Asia in the future; they've been known to stock certain E-Capcom goods every now and then.


  1. Meh.

    What the heck is a drip mat?

  2. Nice. Now I want one.

    As for what a drip mat is...I have no idea. Something you use to lie on?

  3. Drip mat? That's what you use in the bath so the floor doesn't get slippery.

    But isn't what you linked just a shitajiki? That's a portable writing surface.. they're often called "pencil boards" in English. In Japan they're collected like posters.. they're about the size of DVD boxes usually and give you a hard surface to write on, you slip them into a notebook so the marks don't show through to the next page when you write.


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