Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Make a Mega Man Mii

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  1. Meh. It's not really that good. I wouldn't have been able to tell what it is.

  2. Wow, that's really terrible. That doesn't look like Mega Man at all. Who is this guy kidding?

    Not that there's likely a way to make a really convincing Mega Man Mii, but still... don't pass off something like that as a success. Yikes.

  3. I found very clever the use of eyebrows as part of the helmet ear things

    Besides that, it sucked.
    What's with the glass and the lips on the forehead? Is that supposed to be the red light from X's helmet? doesn't look like it at all...

  4. Failure! However, he try his best.

  5. Must be one of those things you have to look at from far away...REALLY far away....Yeah, he tried, though....

  6. Thanks it is a good support, now to make a mega man mii is very easy with your guidance. Kudos


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