Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nothing From Coro Coro

According to Heat Man's sources, the March issue of Coro Coro Comics contained no info whatsoever about the new title, not even a hint or two. In addition, the preview for the next issue (April) makes no indication of any new info either, just promises for more SSR3 coverage.

There's a high possibility the game will be revealed in the May issue--the very issue that will announce the boss contest winner. And yet, there's also a chance we could hear something outside of Coro Coro, after all, we still haven't heard anything from Nintendo Dream...

News Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. Well, that's life. Maybe Nintendo Dream will have something. Shame we'll have to wait more, though.

  2. Coro Coro really waste my time. Oh boy.

  3. To be fair, it's not CoroCoro's fault. They didn't advertise something would happen. That's just what people thought.

  4. When does Nintendo Dream release?

  5. That's what I figured would happen.

    Why are they still covering SSR3?


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