Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dennis Farina: Born To Play Wily

In honor of this past weekend's Oscars, PWN Or DIE has compiled a dream list of actors whom they felt would be best suited to play video game characters in live action adaptions.

Hypothetically speaking, If Warner and Capcom ever produce a Mega Man film, PWN Or DIE felt that the honor of portraying the nefarious Dr. Wily, should go to none other than Dennis Farina....You know, Joe from Law & Order?

Farina sure does have the demeanor, but I still say the only actor best suited to play Wily is Christopher Loyd...


  1. o snap, he really does look like Dr. Wiley. Good choice dude.

  2. DEFINITELY Christopher Lloyd. There are no buts about it, we all knew he was Wily the moment we set eyes on him.

    Plus, he's crazy enough to fit the part of a maniac.

  3. Can't argue with that, Protodude. Good eye :3

  4. Ben Stiller as X
    Owen Wilson as Zero

    I heard that somewhere, and now I laugh everytime I picture it in my head

  5. Well we'll ask all of these actors running around with cleft chins and brash mustaches to get old so they can be in the running for Wily. Otherwise, I definately agree with Christopher Lloyd, (though for some people when they first laid eyes on him, he was young, so...)


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