Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unseen Rockman.EXE Beta Footage

Courtesy of PRC's "official YouTube correspondent," here's the previously unseen beta footage of Rockman.EXE 1. The footage comes from "Capcom Friendly Club Vol.15", a promotional VHS containg old Tokyo Game Show trailers.

Did you manage to catch what's been altered from the final build? I found:

-You can briefly see a yellow lamp post by Netto's house at 00:01 and 00:18
-Odd PET icon, "jumps" when Netto receives mail/call.
-Unused "matrix" scrolling background in battles
-Unused "matrix" scrolling background in school computer
-Alternate dialogue in School Sequence
-Peculiar Battle Chip above Rock's head, removed?
-Unused Internet background
-Alternate sound effects in battle, buster shots

There might be a few things I'm missing, cant really recall, plus the quality isn't all that great (SuperMega's working on a HD version). Stay tuned.


  1. Cool. I also noticed that the character avatars when they speak are slightly different from the final build.

    It's always nice (and fun) to see just how your favorite games started out at first just to see how far it has gotten in development.

  2. The music remebers me of the Rockman EXE 2 and 3 start menu music. Nice, for a beta, i liked the PET jumping with the message =D

  3. The PET looks like the handle is on the bottom. O_o This is a cool find!

    Also, not sure, but I think the EXE battle sprite might be that old one from the woodman poster ages ago... Where you could see the backpack thing sticking out.

    The music was almost X-ish. :o

  4. Oh yay, unexpected EXE find!

  5. Ah, brings back memories. EXE was so cool when it came out. (still is, but you know what I meant)

    I agree with Kenichi.

  6. I noticed differences in this video to:

  7. Alright. I'm always interested in mysteries. There is a huge mystery collection at The Mechanical Manaics that I helped with.


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