Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Additonal Battle Chip Stadium Info

It seems the Battle Chip Stadium footage peaked the interests of many, so as requested, here's a bit more information on the machine that you'll never get to play:

-BCS is the ultimate experience of the "Navi Link System" featured in Rockman EXE 6. The NLS broadened the EXE 6 experience by allowing players to upload their EXE 6 Navis (via Navi Data Battle Chips) into various Takara products such as the Link PET EX and the Battle Chip Stadium kiosk to grow their characters beyond the stat limit within the GBA game.

The Navi Link System remains absent from all localized versions of EXE 6, however some aspects can be unearthed through hacking.

- Once Navi Data is loaded into the BCS, you can fight against computer controlled Navis or play against a friend.

-If you don't have Navi Data, you can choose between twelve playable Navis such as Rockman, Tengu Man, Charge Man, etc. Basically, all the Navis from EXE 6.

-BCSs require a 100 Yen (a dollar) per play. Once you've lost a match, you're required to fork over another 100 Yen to keep going.

- Eight slots are installed in the system where one can slot in Takara Battle Chips in real-time (two of which are used strictly for loading/saving Navi Data). If you don't have any Battle Chips, the game comes with a small library of embedded chips within the Custom Screen.

-Like Rockman EXE 4.5, you do not manually control the Navi. Instead, you control the timing of attacks with a series of buttons.

- You're allowed to slot in three Battle Chips per round (total of three rounds in all). After inputting chips, a roulette wheel appears determining if the attack will deal critical damage or no damage at all (a "miss"). Be sure to time your button presses!

-Program Advances can be executed in real-time as well by slotting in two or more Battle Chips in a specific order. PAs are avoidable if the opponent is using a barrier type Battle Chip or if the roulette wheel has determined the attack will fail before hand.

-Once the battle is done, you're rewarded with experience points that can be redeemed for stat upgrades. (It's possible to reach Navi LV 99 with the BCS) If you're playing off of a Navi Data, these upgrades are saved onto the chip and can be re-uploaded to EXE 6 or the Link PET EX.

-By meeting certain requirements, it's possible to win Battle Chips from the machine. Notably the kiosk would sometimes award players with "colored" Battle Chips (pic)

-Three variations of the BCS exist (V1,V2, and V3), each with little differences. Nothing major, just different kiosk displays and added hardware functionality such as processing speed and different mother board chip sets....oh and new Navis to face. V2 I believe has "Dark Rockman" and "Dark Colonel" while V3 has "Forte Animal" and "Dark Blues."

Thanks a ton to Gyroman_black (pictures and info) and SuperMega for additional information.


  1. That machine looks so interesting to play. I wanna try it!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the info, Protodude! You always manage to find information when I can't.

    It's not quite as interactive as I had hoped, but being a diehard EXE fan, I don't care and would love to play/own one anyway. If not just for the shiny graphics. :D

    I'm waiting for the day when someone snatches a used one and dumps the Hard drive. XD Then we could see hi-res pictures of the game.

  3. Oh yes, I forgot also to say that I wish I had been in Japan when EXE was big. I should buy me some of the EXE paraphernalia before they start getting hard to find! :o


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