Friday, February 20, 2009

Mega Man To Cameo In Dead Rising 2

If the leaked footage of Dead Rising 2 is any indication, Frank West looks to be donning the Mega Man "suit" once more: (00:42)

Missed it? Check out a still of the scene here. And no, this trailer has nothing to do with this as Capcom has already formally confirmed DR2.

Thanks for the tip, Trike.


  1. Can you get the Mega Man suit in the new Wii version? Nobody seems to know!

  2. Actually, it won't be Frank West donning a Mega Man suit again as it's been revealed that Frank's not returning as the main character for the sequel. Looks like it'll be the new guy putting on the Mega Man suit...

  3. Ewww.. what a ugly Megaman suit, ugh!


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