Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ultra Cool Wonder Festival Rockman Models

Wonder Festival 2009 kicked off in Japan today, and with it comes new home-made Rockman models.

Two Zero series styled Zero models were on display; a buffed version (pictured) and a Omega Zero version complete with interchangeable weapons.

There was some classic series love, too. Designer group, Dimension Diver, showed off fully pose-able Rockman and Roll kits standing at 11cm in height. Very, very cool.

Unfortunately, these guys aren't for sale, at least not at the moment. Usually, the creators of said models will independently distribute them through auction house services such as Yahoo Auctions Japan, which requires a proxy in order to bid.

For more pictures of these and many other non-Rockman related models, skip on over to Dengenki.


  1. I think that Posable Rockman was mentioned in another newspost, but it was just posed differently.

  2. buff zero looks better, lol.

  3. I like that Posable Rockman. I'm not really diggin' the buff look on Zero. I like that one Omega Zero figure that has been floating around on the internet.

  4. Maybe the overdone shoulders are for posability purposes?


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