Monday, July 13, 2009

Father Teaches Son To Become Mega Man

If you may recall, the kid featured in the video is that of Destructoid's Cranieum who diligently built his son a Mega Man costume for Halloween '08. It's still awesome till this day.
More footage of the costume in action can be found here, here and here. Oh, and be sure to sneek a peek at some super cute fan-art, here.

Pew! Pew! Pew!


  1. Mega Man fights for truth and candy, a true hero.

  2. Why Mega Man ? I prefer Megaman instead of Mega Man or MegaMan. Its annoying. :)

  3. 'cause he makes really loud sounds when he's.. ''pew''ing. (sounds like pee-ing, that's why he changed his sentence. :3)

  4. @Anon1
    Why Mega Man? Because IT'S Mega Man with a space, well the classic one is. EXE and others for some reason aren't.
    You also don't do the oposite with Rockman? Rock Man is wrong :P

  5. So...if the Mega Buster goes PEW...then the Metal Blade would go...KA-WRING! I AM A GENIUS! XD

    I remember the kid pew-ing at doors XD. How clever :D

  6. At the end, when he asks what the Mega Man costume is for, it sounds like the child says "Killing Daddy". I almost shit when I heard that. LOL


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