Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ancient 'Mega Man Neo' Video Preview

A friend of mine sent this video the other day; the earliest known footage of 'Mega Man Neo', the work in progress version of Mega Man Legends.

The most notable differences between Neo and Legends are pure cosmetic:

- Rock's character model contains strange lighting effects, almost appears cel-shaded.
- Health/energy gauges are of a completely different design. The "L.Arm", "R.Arm" and "EX" gauges are entirely absent in Legends.

- Rock's running animation seems a bit off, can't quite put my finger on it.
- Bombs dropped by the Cannam Reaverbot lack detail, very generic.
- Rock's shadow is abnormally large.

If you know of any more Mega Man Neo footage, give me a holler, I'd love to see it!


  1. "Rockman Neo," eh? Hmmmm, there is some footage out there, especially since there was a very early release demo that came with some Bio-Hazard (RE) discs.

    Here are a couple videos I found that might interest you:

    These are the more interesting of the few that come up on YouTube.

  2. I've seen this before. I wonder where did this footage come from? I believe it came from the Tokyo Game Show in Spring 1997.

  3. Oh dear God, it's Navigatr. I wonder if the Retsupurae dudes have done anything with this clip of his.

  4. bah, the biohazard 2 demo disc for play one has that megaman neo demo, it´s on the web and it isn´t hard to find

  5. Actually, the BH2 version is slightly different than this one, it's much more complete and closer to the final game in design and gameplay.

  6. Indeed, Tron's 1st robot changed a lot compared to the Bio Hazard demo:


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