Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mega Man 9 Prototype Disc?

A rather interesting item has appeared on Chase The Chuck Wagon. Believe it or not, somebody is auctioning off a disc based version of Mega Man 9. The description is as follows.
" Up for bids, a PlayStation 3 prototype/beta/review disc, Mega Man 9. This disc will not play in any PS3 system other than a TEST/debug system. As you can see in the picture, the label is printed onto the disc. The disc is in decent shape, there is a scuff on the underside (outside of where the data is burned), as well as a few other light marks, but nothing that should prevent the disc being readable (my computer recognized it perfectly fine).

Now...I know some of you are thinking, "What? Mega Man 9 was released as a downloadable game only...why does this disc exist?" I thought of this myself the first time I saw it... The only explanation I could devise for this is that perhaps the developers needed a way to get the game from one computer/debug station to another, so they just simply burnt a disc (since blank DVDs are cheaper than comparable-capacity flash drives) and took it along with them. If nothing else, this is one very interesting conversation piece (a download-only game on a disc...who knew?). "
Currently, with two bidders the auction sits at $25, although it has an unknown reserve price. For $200 you can opt for an immediate purchase.

What do you make of this? Legit or not?


  1. Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of this...The seller has tried to concoct a good story here, but these days it wouldn't be that hard to send the game's files around to the people who needed to work on it. I'm not sure that they needed to put it on an actual disc. Regardless, I'd want to see some proof of this game up-and-running on his system (some more proof than that Zelda III NES nonsense that appeared on eBay and that Okibi tried to pull), but this guy has yet to show any beyond a blurry picture of a disc. It all just seems kind of fishy to me.

  2. No clue if it's legit or not, but anyone can print onto a CD, so that's not much proof.

  3. The picture is so dang blurry too, but the Japanese on the left says "Sample". My question is, why would it say Megaman 9 at the top, but have Japanese writing on it?

  4. Wait a second, that doesn't make any sense. If this is a sample disc, a review copy, why would it only work on Test systems? Places like magazine publishers or games sites probably don't (all) have an expensive PS3 dev system laying around. I'm going to lean towards this being a fake even more so than my first post (of 3).

  5. Doubt it's legit. It's got Japanese font and it says Mega Man 9.

  6. I agree with Hypercoyote, although I didn't bother to download the picture of the disc and zoom in to see the Japanese writing on it and confirm whether or not it says "Sample" on it.

    A few things don't add up here: the title is "Mega Man 9" and there's Japanese writing on the disc, the disc only runs on development/test systems, and there's the fact that this disc exists in the first place!

    As Hyper points out, anyone can burn a disc and print out a nice looking label for it, and I should also note that the game can easily be dumped from the PS3, XBox 360, or Wii's memory via SD, etc., and burned to a disc, so this further strikes against the seller. Yet, I also wonder why Capcom/IntiCreates needed the game to be on disc in the first place, especially considering how small it was in the first place (his story makes some sense, but if you think about it, it doesn't really add up).

    Oh well, think what you want. This could be legit, but if it smells of BS, it probably is! I smell another round of Zelda III NES on the horizon!

  7. Is this the mystery hidden in MM9/RM9, just kidding.... Hmmm just think of whats inside a playable roll :)

  8. I emailed the guy for a closer/clearer pic and he never replied. Probably he knows its fake and doesn't want anyone to be able to read the rest of the CD.

  9. lol, and then he replies. A close up of the disc:

    At the top you have Megaman 9, below that is what looks like Ver 1.0.0 but one of those 0's could be a D.

    On the left you have PS3, Sample in japanese and USA below that.

    On the right you have No. 1001

    On the bottom you have 2008/08/23 (I think) and something to the right of that which could be some kanji but I can't make it out. Below that is the Capcom logo and along the bottom edge it says (C) Capcom Co., LTD 2008 All Rights Reserved.

    So make of it what you will. I maintain it's a fake, mainly because it requires a dev unit to play, but it's a sample disc, so it should be made to play on any system.

  10. Keep in mind, however, Mega Man 9 came out in the USA before it did Japan. (Just like X8.)

    Given that reasoning, maybe they decided to jot the US name on the disk since that was the version ghat came out first. *shrug*

  11. This is clearly fake as all hell. If this disc did exist it would be locked in a capcom vault. No random person on the street would just happen to have this. From what I know during the development the game was transfered around on a memory card and during public expebition at game shows it was already installed on the systems.


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