Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Mega Man Chevy Uplander

What's cooler than the Oscar Mayer Weenier Mobile? How about a spiffy Mega Man Chevy Uplander? It's ture; way back in 2005, select models of the Chevy Uplander came equipped with a 40GB multimedia entertainment system featuring built-in Mega Man games to entertain backseat passengers during those long-winded family outings.

Unfortunately, it was never specified which MM games graced the system, but an old preview for the automobile seemed to indicate they spanned across the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

Care to enlighten us, Uplander owners?


  1. Thought I saw this here already...

    Oh well, if not then I saw it someplace.

  2. Having Mega Man on your car is a big plus.

  3. If I knew I wouldn't be an instant social outcast I'd put a paintjob like that on my van in an instant. Just awesome.

  4. I dunno... the weiner mobile looks like a weiner. Have the mobile Megaman shaped then we'll talk.

  5. I swear you've featured this before Protodude. XD


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