Sunday, July 5, 2009

Play As Zero All The Time In Mega Man X3

Mega Man X3 marked the first time in the series where Zero was a playable character though his presence was limited to one life and an inability to traverse through gates. Fortunately, there now exists a set of Action Replay Codes to rid Zero of these limitations, making him fully playable in the X Collection version of MMX3 (Game Cube only). Courtesy of Bowsersenemy:

The codes can be found in the video's description here.


  1. I used a very similar (probably the same) code in ZSNES with X3. I must say, Zero in X3 was very fun to play as and it always angered me when you had to switch back to X to kick another Maverick's ass. Oh well, all hail cheats and hacks!

  2. wow... it is still a little bit glitches.. when he got hit.. he become invisible for a seconds.. I dont care about him.

  3. that invisible thing didn't seem to be there the first time i tried the code, but then, the first time i tried it, i was still using GCNrd. when i recorded, i was using the AR. not sure if that matters though. for all i know, he could have dissapeared because of my capture card not getting the frames that he actualy DID appear, since in most games like that, the character flashes for a few seconds. i could probably have the same issue with Super Mario Bros (and if i'm not mistaken, i have).

  4. You can use this code on Zsnes too. and theres a few neat tricks with it too. You can change Zero's color! first off, set a rapid fire button, because if you charge up, Zero goes back to his normal color.

    Then, whenever Zero teleports somewhere, he will have X's color palette, which is cool, because he turns blue with silver. he has silver hair.

    and if you have already accuired the gold armor, instead of blue, Zero will be gold.

  5. Hm. Whenever I try it in ZSNES, I can't key in the full code. How does it work? (stupid question)

  6. that's because MY codes are for the gamecube version. look up the snes versions for the pro action replay over at either or


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