Monday, July 6, 2009

Mega Man On The Atari 2600

Originally featured at the I Am 8-bit expo, the hombrewed Mega Man Atari 2600 demo is now available for public download. The game, a direct NES to VCS port, consists of a fully playable Elec Man stage.

Download the demo here.

Credit: GoNintendo


  1. Oh god, Atari, I don't see what people saw in that terrible system.

  2. @Anon: I get the feeling you grew up with the NES.

    I'll have to try this out, after I figure out which program opens .BIN files.

  3. lol, wierd. it looks ugly and cool at the same time!

    @Anon2: i grew up with both, just so you know.

  4. Do you not just use an atari 2600 emulator? I think the ROM files for 2600 are bin files.

    That seems to be moving really fast for Atari, but I think all the games I played were programmed to move slower. A few of them had faster moving things.

  5. @Anon #1 : C'mon dude, have a heart. Video games had to start somewhere. The Atari was cutting edge for its time.

  6. yeah, i saw this vid time ago on youtube, and it´s very interesting though

  7. Megaman Powered Down!
    And it's awesome :3

  8. You would think that the last people to bash a console for it's graphics would be Megaman fans.

    I'm surprised, Elecman looks surprisingly detailed for an atari game.

  9. @Anon1: There's nothing wrong with an Atari. You know, when that was the "major" system of the time, you learned to appreciate it.

    @Anon2: Most emulators are programmed to open .BIN files (at least most worthwhile ones are), unless the binary is corrupted or in some strange format (which is possible as this is a home-brewn game); you'll just have to find an emulator that can support its format.

    This looks pretty neat, but mostly pretty funny. What's interesting to me is that most Atari games had no music at all, or very, VERY primitive music/sound. This game has music in it (though at least it makes you want to play the game). The stage layout is almost completely different, and about 70% shorter, and there's only 1 enemy-type in the stage, aside from Elec Man himself; still, I guess this is mainly due to limitations in the system/ROM type.

    Overall, this looks funny and worth a stab sometime.


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