Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boatload of Mega Man Prototypes For Sale

Over at Hidden-Palace forums, a prototype collector is willing to part with his collection in return for a bit of cash. Among the lot are several Mega Man prototypes, including the much desired Rockman X3 "sample" cartridge:

Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5

Rockman World

GameBoy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 2 (debug)

Mega Man

Rockman X3 sample
Mega Man 7
Mega Man Soccer (no gameplay)

If you can afford to drop a $100 or more, I'd definitely go for these; it's not everyday someone is graciously willing to part with rare protos. That said, you can check out the complete details and games at this topic.

Thanks to Keiji Dragon for pointing this out.


  1. Holy crap, there is a looong list on that link.

  2. Wow, $100-$200 for what may turn out to be nothing is a big risk....

  3. Just out of curiosity, they call them prototypes, meaning before the game is finalized, so why are they listed as Megaman instead of Rockman?

  4. Hey,Protodude,if somebody was to buy this and upload the prototypes in ROM form,would you post a download link like you did with the Legends/DASH beta?

  5. Megaman Battle Network 2?!
    I've always wanted to see a debug version of a BN game.

  6. I wouldn't expect much from any of the Mega Man / Rockman titles but this has grabbed my interest before.

  7. @mega rock.exe: And I bet 2 especially would be an interesting one, provided it's not too close to final. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems that 2 was the biggest jump from its predecessor in terms of battle mechanics.

  8. @Hypercoyote: Yes, you are taking a risk buying anything like this, since you have no 100% guarantee of what is on the "prototype" circuit-board. But, to answer your other question, "prototypes" exist for U.S., PAL, etc. versions of games, since the US and other development teams still tinker around with the game in their version before release, translating things and deciding on what content will be in the game, etc. However, if you want to play something that has considerable content difference(s), you should pick up a "sample" or "prototype" version of a game in its region of origin format (usually JP).

    It will be interesting if those who buy these games decide to dump them, but I won't blame them if they don't. I've got some prototypes (of non-Rockman games) that I've personally never dumped, mainly though because I don't have the tools or have not wanted to risk damage to the rare product (in these cases, SUPER MARIO'S WACKY WORLDS and a very early FINAL FANTASY VII with the CGI Demo of FINAL FANTASY VI, among others). I know some people feel that if they release a ROM/ISO of games it cheapens the value of what they own, but if they don't others may never get to play these games in these formats...

  9. What amongst these games has been dumped already?

  10. Unfortunately, only the Rockman 7 proto.


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