Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rockman EXE Animation Model Sheets On Ebay

Here's a little something EXE/Battle Network aficionados will go bonkers over. Ebay is hosting an auction for 80 photocopies of Rockman EXE Axess model sheets ("settei"), specialty reference assets used when animating the show.

You can purchase the set for a flat $49.99 plus $9.50 shipping.


  1. Neat! But too expensive.

  2. So, he's making them Buy It Now items for once...


    Thanks for the heads up. Should be a much more promising set than the last Stream one was. :D Hmmm, might as well grab the Wolf's Rain set while I'm at it. I'm amused the Rockman stuff costs more than that and Outlaw Star, though.

  3. Photocopies? No thanks, you want to sell the originals, then I'd be interested. Photocopies of things are worth $0, don't buy into that crap. There are tons of sellers who sell movie scripts and they hide the fact that they are photocopies many times or they use other words, like reproduction or whatever. Just another ebay scam.

  4. Ah, Hypercoyote, why do you and others always have to chime in so pessimistically when these things pop up? Time to give a little lesson.

    First off, this is definitely not a scammer. I have bought these from this seller before, they are legit.

    As I've learned over time from those in the know, at the animation studios, the head animator takes the original pencil sketches and makes copies for the other animators to use as a reference. Yeah, they are copies, but they're still legitimately used by the studio. Fakes are printed on computer paper of course, but original settei are on longer sheets with a slightly different stock quality. Some of these even have marks or notes on them. That's how you can tell fakes from the real thing.

    As far as their price, the seller is treating them as copies and not the original article. They amount to about .63 cents a piece. For 80+ original artwork sheets that you won't find anywhere else, I'd say that's a pretty good deal. You bet I'd rather have originals, but I'd be shelling out hundreds of dollars just to have a few. It's still a piece of the show's development and a rare look into how it was created. Copies or not, they are cool to own.

    They might not be uber-valuable, but to an art collector, they totally are not worth nothing at all. If that's the case, then why buy an artbook when it's art that millions can easily get their hands on and is just copied, too? And why do people buy prints of art when it's not as valuable as the original?

    This particular seller also gets his hands on the original genga cels, although I have yet to see Rockman ones pop up. Depending on what series/character they are, they can easily go for $20-$100s per cel. Even here in the States, if you've seen something like original full-colored, multi-layered cels from classic Looney Tunes episodes for sale anywhere, you know those can go for like $200-$1,000+. I'd be more worried if the seller wasn't also making items like that available to purchase.

    Not to say there aren't scammers out there, lord knows there are tons. But in this instance, don't be so quick to jump the gun.


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