Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maverick Hunter, Powered Up Coming To PlayStation Network

According to the official PlayStation blog, a boatload of Capcom PS1 and PSP titles will gradually make their way onto PSN, the first of which arrives tomorrow (Capcom Classics Collection Remixed).

Among the lot, Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X are scheduled to appear as "UMD Legacy" titles. No specific release date for either game have been announced. Hope to see them sooner than later. For the full details, check out Ryan's post here.

Thanks to calvin, Trike and Repliroid20xx for the tip.



    You know, even though I don't have a PS3 and already have these games on PSP I can't help but being overjoyed. Why? Because this could be the first real step towards great sales for these games, and after that, sequels. Yes.

  2. So, I must pay again for my games, since Sony won't give the option to transfer from my UMD discs..? -_-;;

  3. Cool! I can finally play these games. Maybe if enough copies are bought over PSN, there could be a chance to see Maverick Hunter X2 and Mega Man: Powered Up 2.

  4. @Fab - join the CFW community and gain that very ability!

  5. @Hypercoyote
    - Yup, I know that, but nothing is known about the PSPgo h4ck1ng. ^_^;;

  6. @Fab - just don't buy a go, I personally would rather have the original more than that one. The price tag is way too high too.

    Here's hoping this re-release will generate enough interest in Rockman Rockman & Irregular Hunter X that they will decide to make those sequels. I want a Rockman Rockman 2 so bad I can practically see myself playing it right now.


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