Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Fan-made Star Force 3 Programs

The Rockman EXE Zone has released an updated version of the Star Force avatar tool generator. The latest patch now supports the Team Logo system in SF3, enabling users to create and design their own logos right on their PC. Grab it here.

Additionally, there's a new profile editor program too. With it, you can remove all sorts of limitations such as name and message censorship. Very neat!

Tutorials for both programs can be found right here in video form. Enjoy!


  1. Not interesting.

  2. @Anon1: Normally I would "poo poo" at such a needless and rude comment...

    but I actually agree. |P Since we've seen these before...

  3. Protodude the version of the program in the post is the oldeer than the new. Here is the newest:


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