Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strange Mega Man Legends Findings

Metal Man of Sprite's Inc. found a handful of hidden textures in various Mega Man Legends games, a few of which correlate to unused items. Let's have a looksee:

Unused key items in Mega Man Legends 1. What's up with that demented Data? Yikes.

This is a weird one. Apparently, the image of Star Gladiator's Hayato is embedded within the textures of MML1 forest areas. Additionally, the images of other Star Gladiator characters can be found within the files of demo MML1 builds. No pictures, unfortunately.

Unused image of a bummed out Tiesel with a Servbot at his side. A similar image can be seen in the final game, but it is much smaller, lacking in the detail.

Unused Servbot expressions from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Bizarre, no?
Unused room from TMOTB; the "shower room." One can only wonder the kind of mischief that would have taken place here...

Plenty more where that came from; a whole slew of other interesting findings can be found throughout this topic.


  1. >shower room


  2. shower room.....

    OH TRON.....YOU MAKE TO GET A "BONNE"...nevermind hehehe


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