Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bear McCreary Does Mega Man

Bear McCreary, composer for Capcom's Dark Void is a big Mega Man fan. So big that he felt it would be appropriate to compose an arranged version of Dark Void's theme in 8-bit "Mega Man style." Have a listen:

The track was made as a special tribute to Keiji Inafune who is working alongside Bear during Dark Void's production. Nice!

Source: Original Sound Version


  1. 8-bit Mega Man style music is made of WIN!

  2. hahaha. . .that's actually pretty good.

  3. Grin!

    I am deaf.. Unfair. Subtitle ? :)

  4. I remember this from Capcom Unity's April Fool's joke. Great fun.

    It was part of a whole "We're making Dark Void 8-bit" joke back then.


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