Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Star Force 3 Review Roundup

A little over a week has past since Mega Man Star Force 3's release and with it comes a handful of reviews from the typical internet gaming outlets. Here's a breakdown of what a few had to say.

Destructoid - 7.5
"The gameplay is its own reward and once one gets into it, one finds it quite hard to get back out. It's a shame that the plot holds it back, but otherwise Megaman Starforce 3 is pretty bloody good, and well worth your time if you like your roleplayers with a little more action in them." Read full review

IGN Entertainment - 6.0/10
"For those that are still very much into the series, however, Star Force 3 is going to bring just as many hours -if not more, now that the noise system has added considerable girth to the game - to a well-established, immersive experience. The Wi-Fi is strong (though you'll need to deal with some random disconnections from sore losers ) there are plenty of side quests, 100 different forms within the noise system, a huge array of battle cards, and the continued use of the Brother Band system rewards players for connecting with friends locally or online; a nice touch for a series that is in desperate need of more innovation." Read full review

1Up - C+
"Star Force 3 has some good ideas and is probably worth a look for RPG fans... but don't feel bad if you miss out. Another one'll be along soon enough, and it probably won't be terribly different, either." Read full review


  1. Those reviews are bogus. SF3 is the best SF game so far. It's a great game, and what's with them talking about the plot? I liked the plot; the plot is one of the best things in a game.

  2. Yes, plot was great. The score seems about average. It seems like they were impressed by some of the features. The score lowers probably because it's the third game.

  3. I wasn't expecting more than average response. Better response than SF2 received, if I remember correctly.
    Personally, as much as I enjoy these games, I think it's time Capcom stepped up and got the graphics and music up to snuff. Aside from the 3D battles, the Star Force series still looks like a GBA game.

  4. It's the best of the 3, but as the reviews said, to one who doesn't care about the series it's more of the same. The reviews aren't bogus, they have an ounce of sense...

    We're just diehard fans who call blasphemy at anything but the highest praise.

  5. Other than the fact that they're overcritical of the plot, Destructoid has the right idea. They didn't even touch on the fact that it's so similar! After all, why change something so good?

    I only really have two complaints about the story. I didn't find it complicated, but these things bother me:
    1-Every cutscene is very long.
    2-Once a concept is brought up, every character won't stop talking about it. Like Purposes, Teams, Real Waves, Wizards, etc.

  6. How do they know there's gonna be a new one? Ssure, it didn't say ''MMSF END'' like in battle network 6, but I don't think that's enough to just assume there's gonna be another one. I wouldn't be surprised if there'd be a new one, though. Something about it being ''too early'' to end the RnR/SF series right? I don't care much about the graphical update, since DS's 3D isn't super great, though maybe they'd animatec things properly, instead of just making the screen go white for a sec and change something in that time.

  7. Long cut scenes, eh, Autobobby1? Ever played Eternal Sonata? I love it, but I think it would have been better as an anime...

    Anyway, I haven't played SF3 yet, but I never pay much attention to these reviews. I think the best game critic is yourself. If you like a game, it's a good game, but there will be someone who doesn't like it and that's fine for them. Everyone's entitled to his/her opinion.

    Who cares about these scores? I can't wait to buy this game!

  8. You know, the thing I dislike most about this series is the games. XD I like Subaru's character design, it's just that the games didn't do the idea justice. :\

  9. Battle Network and Star Force were never very popular with reviewers, so I'm not surprised.

    And the plot is good, yeah. SF3 is overall awesome.

  10. If Shooting Star Rockman did one thing right, it was improve upon EXE's shoddy story telling. The big problem with SSR's that it wants you take them all together (specifically Subaru's character growth), yet each story could largely have each been standalone (and might have arguably been better), since there's no actual "transition" shown for each plot element, so it's all really abrupt. I'm glad SSR3's somewhat notable difficulty increase from previous games was mentioned.

  11. I agree with the first review - the game's the most fun of the entire series, but I felt gipped that we're never told why King decided he wants to rule the world, or what caused him to feel people are worthless. It's just amateurish to not give the man who makes the entire game take place a motive. Even Wily in MM1 had a motive for his actions for God's sake. To those who've yet to play the game, no, that stuff about King's not a spoiler, don't worry. You already know it from the first time you ever know he exists, at the beginning.

  12. @The Oblivious Prattler: Why yes, I actually own Eternal Sonata and most of the Final Fantasy games. The difference is that in those games, the stories are better and more meaningful. And in the case of Eternal Sonata and the more recent FF games, the voice acting makes it highly enjoyable. Not that I don't mind reading, it's just that they can have a lot to say in SF.

  13. Nintendo Power:

    Not scans, because I didn't buy the magazine. It's readable though. I hate all of these minimal changes excuse from all these reviews.

  14. Sorry for being random, but Rogue ZZ can now be fought by doing this:

    At the title screen, hold L and press G Comp Star, M Comp Star, M Comp Star, SS Star, G Comp Star, S Comp Star, and Black Ace Star. He'll appear in the Meteor G Ctrl CC, which is located in the Orbital Base.

    (Copied from Gamespot)


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