Monday, July 13, 2009

More Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Details

In an interview with, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom producer, Ryota Niitsuma, revealed a small amount of additions/changes included in the North American version: Will there be any differences between the western version and the Japanese version?

RN: Quite a lot actually. The biggest feature would be the addition of new characters, but we will also be tweaking the design of the interfaces. We will be changing some sounds. We will be re-recording voiceovers, we will be recalibrating game balance given the responses we had from the Japanese users, obviously minor bug fixes, and we will also be changing the content of the mini-games that were in the Japanese version.

I'd definitely love to see a new Mega Man rep added to the roster; Zero would be a great addition, though that's just me. Anybody in particular you're hoping for?

Credit: Capcom Unity


  1. I think Zero from the MMZero series would be a nice addition.

    Currect me if I'm wrong but MM from BN and Zero from MMZ were secret character in a PS2 game anyone know the name of that game?

  2. Not interesting. I prefer Japan version. Good thing that I have JAPAN version. For the Capcom of USA.. They change a lots over here.. Thats not cool, man. No thanks.

  3. Not sure how reliable this is. I think the new characters are Zero and Frank West for Capcom, or it could be that my nephew is pulling my leg or that his friend that works in Capcom pulling his leg.

    *even the guy that was working at the Capcom booth at AX didn't know anything!*

  4. Any Mega Man characters I'll die happy.

  5. Why did I get a bad feeling in my stomach upon reading, "We will be re-recording voiceovers?"

    Oh yea, that's right. Because they always pick voice actors that sound like 8 year-old girls! -____-;;

    Or surfing hippies.

  6. Personally, I think the roster is already saturated enough with Mega Man and Street Fighter characters. The Capcom side should represent more series since getting rights isn't an issue.

    Hoping for Strider, but would Dante be asking too much? I'm not much of a DMC fan, but he really hasn't had any chance to star in a fighting game...

  7. they should include Samanosuke for be Soki Pal

    or Zero and X (X saga)
    An AWSM pair to KICK ASSES

  8. Let's just hope there's no botched voice acting.

  9. I'd like to see classic Mega Man, classic Proto Man, X, or Zero.

  10. @Anon #1: You don't even care about the bug fixes?

    Agreed on letting more Capcom fellows get a chance to shine (how about characters from their earliest games?).

  11. top megaman pics:

    Zero (x saga)
    Zero (mmz saga)
    Classic Mega Man

    top capcom general pics:

    amaterasu (okami)
    Vaati (long shot, but it IS a wii exclusive and i think capcom owns him...)
    evil ryu
    violent ken
    shin akuma
    Area (from SF EX 2 i think... mainly because Alia is based on her)

    correct me if some of these are already in the JP version.

    oh, and has anyone bothered to think not so much about adding TO the roster, but taking FROM it? i don't care HOW stupid the character is, removing them is just plain wrong.

  12. I would love Felicia (Darkstalkers), Vergil or Dante (Devil May Cry), Zero (Mega Man: Zero)!

  13. Your friendly, neighborhood, (MIKE HAGGAR 4 TVC US VER) MetJuly 13, 2009 at 11:44 PM

    You could put in every fan wanted charachter in here, Zero, Leon, Pheonix, Frank, Speedy Cerviche, Speed Racer, ANYBODY, and I still wouldn't be happy 'till i see some Mike Haggar action.

    (Mind you, I'll still buy it, play it, love it, etc..., but Haggar would make the game a major contender for GOTY for me.)

  14. Personally I'd like to see a Zero or ZX game character.
    Zero himself has already been in a fighting game, I'd like it more if it were a more extreme side character.
    For example Harpuia or Prometheus, imagine the special moves those could pull off.

  15. Anon1 = Weeaboo nuff said.

  16. I have had many thoughts and hopes for new characters. To replace the Daimao or whatever the genie fellow was, I would want the Ninja Pizza Cats. Anyone remember that show? Maybe all three of them can fight together in some unique collaboration. That might be too much work and animation to do though. As for the options for the Capcom side...

    MegaMan(w. Rush to rival Casshan & Friender)
    Tron Bonne (as seen in MvC2)
    Captain Commando
    Falcon (Power Stone)
    Dante or Nero

    May post more...thats all that comes to my noggin at the moment.

  17. As far as new Capcom characters go classic Mega Man, Rad Spencer or Frank West would be great.

    Really though, the one character I would most like to see added would be Hikaru Ichijyo in a Battroid-mode Valkyrie.



  19. Classic Rockman.

  20. I've always thought classic megaman was the best to represent the series as a whole in games like this. Putting Legends characters in this game just reminds people of the game they won't be getting.
    But honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing some of Capcom's other properties in this game. Some character that doesn't originate from a fighting game, like Jill Valentine, Strider Hiryu, or Dante. Hell, maybe even the guy from Dead Rising. That'd be an interesing choice.

  21. Love how the first Anon is completely ignoring the fact that they are doing nothing but improving the game based on feedback about the Japanese version. To be honest, based what was said, the US version will be the one to get.

    People are complaining about the voice overs and yet they are fixing bugs, adding characters, and, if I remember correctly, making the game Wifi compatible.

  22. How about Dr. Light in his Ryu Outfit from the X series? What would you think of THAT? XD

    *Dr. Light in his MM8 Fudd Voice*
    *Ryu is shocked and goes into catatonic state*

    ...I go with Tron as in MvC2 and Zero from the MMZ series =_=

  23. Since classic Roll is in there, I guess original Mega Man. Although if they're still sticking to having one character per series/game, it could very well be some ZX or Starforce characters. Might even be X or Zero, but that should really be saved for something epic.

  24. MegaMac, I believe it was Samurai Pizza Cats, at least in America.

  25. And you would be correct, Anon. I didn't realize I put Ninja til you said something, lol. Yes, Samurai Pizza Cats. If anyone remembers them, I feel they would fit together as a "hokey" replacement.

  26. Amateratsu and X, FTW. I would be all over that like flies on poo. It would be the first Wii title I've actually bought since Brawl!!!


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