Saturday, July 4, 2009

Having Trouble With White Cards?

Those who've paid a visit to the official Mega Man website might have noticed a slight problem with the downloadable White Cards: there are no instructions to indicate which order you have to press the dots, rendering the cards utterly useless.

Fret not however, a solution is underway. I've been informed that the page will be to re-edited to accommodate proper instructions and code sequences soon. Until then, you can find a slew of working White Card codes here.


  1. Don't use the ones a GameFaqs its not a complete list use these, (Not my site). Although the cards are in Japanese but the codes do seem to work on the US version.

    I hope that Capcom's will be newer ones that aren't available in the Jp version.

  2. hey once i get a noise form is there anyway to get a new one?

  3. ^
    Yes, all you have to do is run into a "WARNING" battle and win it.

  4. Awesome thanks :D

  5. That's kind of embarrassing that all their codes don't work. I really wanted to try some but now a handful of them are useless to me.

  6. Use the link MZ EXE. provided. That's every single white card code in the game. COA isn't going to make new ones, they are simply showing what's already in the game.

  7. Well I've translated the White Cards to anyone that wants to used them feel free to,

    LOL I actually noticed that I have you as an Opponent Noise(Crown).


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