Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mega Man X3 - SNES vs. Genesis Bootleg

A video comparing the strange differences between the original Mega Man X3 and the infamous Sega Genesis bootleg:


  1. Sega doesn't what nintendoes?

  2. You know, to be honest, X3 could have worked in some fashion on the Mega Drive. However, this version just downright sucks - I don't care how you cut it! It's not that the system itself couldn't handle the game (with some chips, etc. being needed), but this game itself suffers from lazy-pirate syndrome!

    Still, there are a few minor details MegaMan52 didn't mention, like the fact that Mac is a different color when you fight him, or that Blizzard Buffalo (in the Hunter HQ?) was a slightly different shade as well. Also, like Rockman DX3, I've noticed that a version of this game I've played has different music from the one shown in this video, but I've got a couple theories about that. One is that the game loads random music for each stage, and the other is that there are different versions of the game out there (as there are with DX3); either is possible I guess.

  3. lol, looks wierd. i'd call the genesis bootleg just a modified and converted version of the snes rom due to the strong similarities. hmm... kinda reminds me of the differences between the different versions of Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters.

    oh, and SNES version wins over ALL other versions. genesis, ps1, ps2, pc and gc versions, and i even own the gc version. snes version had better intro and better music. ps1 version of the intro is ugly. cutscenes are nice though.

  4. cheesy times though!

  5. @Bowsersenemy: You really didn't like the Anime-intro that they did in the Japanese 32-bit version of X3, as seen here?:

    Personally, I like the Saturn version best of all, although the problem I had with it was that it cuts a good chunk of the screen off in order to make it the exact resolution of the SNES game. Still, all of the music is nicely remixed, and the cutscenes are great (especially the ending one, where briefly you see Dr. Cain discovering Light's Lab and X in his capsule).

    The version that was ported over to the GameCube got the suck-ass version of the music (I'm not sure why, exactly, but it might have had to do with Western audiences not understanding the J-Pop music)...

  6. @Brahman
    The JP thing huh...
    The X collection was pretty silent, 'cept for X4, too. [though I don't remember X4 having such an awful dub...maybe I just need to revisit it]
    X5, X had a voice clip available when doing charged shots, too.
    Wish they could've left the games alone or added a dual audio option.
    and the bgms being messed with...not cool ><;


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