Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wavemasters 2009 Scheduled

Capcom has updated the Events section of the WaveStation to include details on the Wavemasters 2009 tournament. Like past events, the tourney will be held at Japan's World Hobby Fair in January. Attendees will recieve various promotional goodies such as two Noise Gear cards known as "Fourth Element" and "Ultimate Sword Master" and an exlusive item as proof of one's participation.

Participants are seperated into one of three "classes" based on age and gameplay preferences:

Junior (Grades 1-4): Noise Gear, Satellite Server and White Cards acceptable.
Senior (Grades 5-9): Noise Gear and Satellite Server modification acceptable.
Kaizou Off (Grades 1-9): Noise Gear not acceptable, Satellite Server modifications and White Cards acceptable.

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