Friday, December 26, 2008

Bearded Barons Return, SSR3 Wallpaper Updates Will Not Cease

Huh, I guess I was wrong when I said the previous wallpaper update would be the last. The Wave Station's wallpaper section updated on Christmas day, bringing us a new wallpaper featuring Akane Hoshikawa, Subaru's dear mother.

In other Wave Station news, The Bearded Barons returned to the Wave Station in the form of a new video message. Based on a computer translation of the video description, the comedic duo will apparently make a guest appearance at Wave Master 2009. Oh what fun!


  1. For a moment I missed the "description" and thought that google had managed to make a rudimentary Spoken Japanese-to-english translator. XD Silly me.

  2. That's a pretty nice new wallpaper... but i never ever imagined that they'd make Akane/Hope look so mad. That was quite an odd-ball.

  3. They were in Ninja Warrior XP


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