Thursday, December 4, 2008

SSR3 Isn't So Dead Afterall

Looks like SSR3 did way better than expected this past week: From November 24th~the 30th, SSR3 sold 18,000 units, bringing it to a total of 95,000 units. Previously, it was speculated SSR3 moved less than 10,000 units.

Notably, the title slipped from the #10 spot all the way down to #22. A major decline indeed, but it still remains in the top thirty.

View the complete charts here.


  1. well maybe this will quiet the haters for quite a while.

  2. Finally, people could finally see the difference between 2 games. I personally believe this game will out sale the past 2 games. So, support Star Force if you can.

    Take that, EXE fans

  3. What do you mean, "Take that"? It's still no EXE. Granted, it's MUCH better than the first to RnR games from what I've seen. But to me, from the looks of it, it still can't hold a candle to EXE2.

  4. Haha, take that? It's doing nowhere near as well as EXE did. But still, I'm glad that it's not doing so bad. You forget that a lot of EXE fans like SSR, just not as much as EXE.

    Why does everything have to be such a big war? :P

  5. It's still a race to the bargain bin for yet another cookie cutter faux-Megaman game.

  6. @Colin: What's with everyone calling EXE and RnR faux-megaman?? There is no logic in that. If anything, the series' introduced a new non-"cookie-cutter" aspect to the franchise. Granted, the formula for each sequel varies little, but that's the same for the Classic and X series. More so for them, in fact. The EXE and RnR series are more unique in many senses than the older series. Side-scroller shoot'em'ups? :|

    Which isn't to say I don't like them all. But I'm tired of the flak that the non-classic and X series' get.

    Fake Rockman games are fan games. Anything by Capcom is, by definition, a real Rockman game.

  7. They are faux Megaman because they have nothing to do with Megaman, share no gameplay with Megaman, and only have the Megaman label slapped on them to cash in.

    They are cookie cutter because no effort is made to create significant new content between iterations. Each game gets less than a year of development; whatever it takes to get the next crap installment on the shelves before the Earth revolves around the sun.

  8. Colin:

    You're completely mistaken, as Anonymous pointed out. The only faux or fake Mega Man games out there are the ones that aren't created by Capcom. Otherwise, any Mega Man game that is created by Capcom is a "real" one.

    You can't just throw around your ridiculous, unimportant judgment that any game that doesn't fall in line with what you decree a "real" Mega Man title is is "fake." No one (besides you) cares what you like or don't like; if Capcom created it, it's a Mega Man title, end of story. If you can't wrap your head around that, then you're just so self-absorbed that I fear anything I try to tell you will fall on deaf ears.

    To use your own argument as an example, EXE titles have everything to do with Mega Man because they revolve around MEGA MAN.EXE. They share gameplay with all the other EXE titles (and to an extent, RnR titles). Huh... imagine that.

    I don't see why so many Mega Man "fans" have trouble understanding this. Ugh.

  9. ...I knew it!!
    Fight, Shooting Star Rockman!
    For everlasting peace!!

  10. I really hate exe and SSR probably because I'm 24 and not 10

    I like the original, X (I hate x6-X8 and the sloppy command rpg), Dash, Zero, Zx series because of the ACTION and the music ROCK !

    I played and finished Exe1 trough 3 but after 3 I had just something that come to my mind : I spend all my time doing the same battle over and over again.. it was so BORING. I want to shoot ! I want to jump ! I don't want time limit to kill my enemy !

    When I was younger I was a final fantasy fan and I tought the turn-base battle were boring but hey ! the battle music rocked !!!

    but now, in 2001-2008, when you play a new rpg like exe or ssr with turn base battle and some boring blip blip non-melodic-original gameboy- music (yea ok ok the music of rockman world V was way better than the entire exe music) it really suck ! ( ESPECIALLY when it's a Rockman game)

    I don't like exe series (and maybe ssr who knows..) because if you want to obtain the enemy card or a good amount of money (yea everything is so f**cking expansive), you have to spend so much time. You can't move !, you can't shoot ! you have to kill the enemy in less than 0,0000001 second with the right card ! but OH ! it's a random card system... f*** off ! I have a life !

    Yea I prefer the action series because I can finish the game in two days and replay it 99999 times
    Now with pokémon-rpg-3 versions of the same crappy-rockman games, I must spend hours and hours to complete the entire game....

    yea...I'm a old-school gamer :P

  11. Being 24 and/or an old-school gamer has nothing to do with whether or not you like the EXE and/or SSR series. How can I know this?

    Because I'm also 24 and am both an old-school and new-school gamer, and I adored the EXE series and like the SSR series quite a bit, or at least I do now after SSR 2 stepped things up so much (I can't wait to play SSR 3 after hearing how much extra effort Capcom allegedly put into it).

    I started gaming with the NES and still play old-school titles all the time, despite my owning a 360, Wii, and PS3. And yet I love the EXE series and enjoy SSR, just like I also love the Classic, X, Zero, and (to a degree) ZX series for completely different reasons. It has nothing to do with age or whether or not you're "old-school" and everything to do with your individual tastes as a gamer, as well as (I think) your ability to accept and appreciate new takes on established franchises.

    There are plenty of people who don't like EXE and SSR for perfectly valid reasons, and for those people, I say more power to them. I just can't help but shake my head and laugh sadly at the individuals who condemn EXE and SSR simply because they're not platformers in the vein of main-timeline Mega Man series, without bothering to actually play the games and pay any mind to whether they're are actually good or not.

    I look at those people the same way I look at the doubtless many people who ignorantly skipped the Legends games simply because they weren't 2D platformers. Joke's on them, though, because they missed out on three very special games -- just like those who reject the EXE and SSR games out of close-mindedness are, in my opinion, missing out on a great series of games that sport a very fresh, creative take on the Mega Man universe.

    I just don't see why there has to be this ridiculous divide between those who like the origin-story series (Classic/X/Zero/ZX/Legends) and those who like the spinoff/hobby series (EXE/SSR). They exist in completely separate universes and, because of that, never have to compete or intrude on each other. They can coexist just fine and everyone can be happy.

    Oh, wait, I forgot -- it's too hard for people to just be happy. Fighting is just too much fun, isn't it? Ugh.

  12. Old school gamers can like EXE. I do. :P

    What's so less monotonous about running and shooting in the classic series than shooting and running in the EXE series? Unoriginal music??? O_o The EXE series has great music that is not blip blop unoriginal crap. :P

    Have nothing to do with Megaman? So then X isn't a real Megaman series because it doesn't have to do with the classic series. In essence, all Megaman games are just marketed for money, that argument does no good. :P

    And as I said, content variation between the EXE titles was at least as much as, if not more than, the classic and X titles. There is no logic in any of these arguments that EXE is crap. Just like if I were to say X is crap and come up with a billion different reasons that don't have any validity except with my opinion. And I like the X series. Why can't you just either respect all Rockman series' and their fans, or just leave them alone??

  13. Both EXE and Starforce are cheaply produced. Especially Starforce where they keep using the same models from previous games instead of making new ones. Each game is the same with very few upgrades as far as the system goes. This works for a game like Mega Man ZX, but I don't think it should work for a 20 hour "RPG". No, EXE and Starforce are not true RPGs, they are playable anime.

  14. Junkman, that comment makes NO sense whatsoever.

  15. Junkman wrote: "Both EXE and Starforce are cheaply produced. Especially Starforce where they keep using the same models from previous games instead of making new ones. Each game is the same with very few upgrades as far as the system goes. This works for a game like Mega Man ZX, but I don't think it should work for a 20 hour "RPG". No, EXE and Starforce are not true RPGs, they are playable anime."


    Well, some of the things you said are plain FALSE. One thing is that the models are not always reused, look at the Shooting Star Rockman model from RnR1 and 3 and try to convince anyone they are the same. Also, in any megaman games the graphics are reused, it adds to the 'legend' if you will. I don't see anyone complaining about the Mets that are in just about every Rockman game. Also saying no time goes into them is false aswell. If you take a look at the information from early last year, you'll notice that they did change up the appearance of many systems before actually comitting to a reasonable design. I design games in my spare time and even the simplest things take time to finalize. Not only that, but the sheer amount of variables involved in 3d planes of motion are astounding. So no, they definately spend time on them, whether or not it's as much as is made public, who knows. Of course everyone will have their favorite series of Rockman, but the true Rockman fans don't squabble about X series this, EXE that, RnR these. True Rockman fans don't really care so much which series is 'best' even though we have our favorites, we just enjoy playing them because they're Rockman games. Perhaps anyone who argues about certain series not bieng Rockman games, or certain timelines bieng better than others, or certain games in certain time lines bieng better should just rethink if they are a fan of rockman. Odds are they aren't because they wouldn't be cannibalising on people of thier own kind. Can't we all just enjoy the games people?

  16. Above Last Remnant and Naruto? I'm impressed. Good to see SSR3 is still fighting against the big games out there.

  17. Junkman:

    "Both EXE and Starforce are cheaply produced. Especially Starforce where they keep using the same models from previous games instead of making new ones. Each game is the same with very few upgrades as far as the system goes."

    Okay, I usually find myself agreeing with many of the things you say here, but here I've just got to draw the line. Seriously, oh my GOD. Could you have said anything more horribly thought out? My friend, you just described EVERY MEGA MAN SERIES with that statement, not just EXE and SSR. That statement is exactly why fans love (and critics hate) Mega Man -- it doesn't stray too far from formulas that work.

    Before you even try to argue, consider your argument that EXE 1-3 and 4-6 and SSR 1-3 more or less all use the same resources with minimal upgrades to gameplay with each new installment. Fair enough -- that's true on its own. But then humbly apply your hand to your forehead as you realize that that VERY SAME ARGUMENT also applies to Mega Man 1-6 and 9, Mega Man I-V (Rockman World 1-5), Mega Man X1-X3 and X4-X6, Mega Man Legends 1 and 2, Mega Man Zero 1-4, and Mega Man ZX and ZX Advent.

    Uh, yeah. Try again.

  18. MaverickHunterAsh :

    I'll show you one more time why I hate those series:

    -You have to kill an enemy in less than 0,00001 second
    -Random battle
    -Gameboy advance sprite in SSR (not in battle) (capcom should make a 3-D pokémon-rockman game on console )
    -Bad music compared to the platformer titles
    -You have to spend hours and hours to finish the game
    -The story is soooo good it make me cry...;) (just kidding here)
    - Different version of the same game like pokémon

    nuff said

    you know I try to discuss with people not fighting them. I have nothing against people who like those game. This is my opinion and I think that everyone should respect it because I respect yours. We have a different view of the rockman franchise and that's good for capcom :P

  19. SteamPunk just quit it. You're making yourself look like a fool.


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