Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Official "Battle Story" Rockman.EXE Translation? Kind Of...

One of my most frequently asked questions concerns the existence of a supposed "official" translation of the Battle Story Rockman.EXE comics under the NT Warrior brand. This assumption is based upon the discovery of english language variations of the book covers, leading many to believe the comics will be distributed in North America in due time. So, what exactly is going on here? Did Viz Media pick up the distribution rights to Battle Story? Nope.

What we have here is the cover of an official Battle Story french translation under the NT Warrior brand. Apparently, two years ago, Kurokawa Books began translating and distributing the series throughout Europe via online vendors (such as Chapitre'). As oflast year, all four volumes of the series have been translated into french.

Currently, Viz Media has no official plans to translate/distribute the series in North America. However, they still hold the license to all Shogakukan related Rockman comics, so there's always a chance.


  1. Cool. I hope they do. I have all 13 volumes of the Ryo manga and wouldn't mind having Battle Story added to my collection too.

  2. Never read the battle story comics, but if it does get translated maybe ShoPro will also rethink translating Stream and Beast and Beast+. Crazier things have happened.

    Although, the dub wasn't so great. :\ They could've done a better job on it. And come on, NT Warrior? :P

    In any case, if they did, and Rockman.exe miraculously reappeared in the US, who knows. Maybe the interest would be enough for Japan to decide to make one more entry in the game series.... XD Now I'm REALLY daydreaming.

  3. The original PET had something about its design...

    I wish some artists didn't draw those ear emblems so big. Rockman.exe looks so much cooler when they aren't the size of the moon. :P


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