Friday, December 26, 2008

"Rockman Maniax" Announcement Is a Bit Late

If you may recall, Hitoshi Ariga previously announced plans for his new Rockman publication: "Rockman Maniax." Maniax, a book compiling Ariga's Rockman fan art and pre-Megamix work, was said to be officially revealed at his blog on December 17th, 2008-Rock's 21st birthday. December 17th passed with no word of the book's details, leaving us hanging.

Fret not however; in place of the Maniax announcement was a short message from Ariga congratulating Rockman 21st B-day as well as promising to keep us up to date on his "latest work," presumably Maniax (and/or Megamix 4).


  1. "Congratulations, Rockman!
    Here's to another 21 years of me drawing you the wrong way!'

    - Ariga

  2. OOo, so exciting. /sarcasm


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