Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Translation Deepens "Nintendo Dream" Mystery

A friend of mine generously took a peek at the Nintendo Dream scan to see if she could make sense of the blurred text. Her findings? She assumes the scan is not implying the coming of a new series, but possibly a new entry in an already existing one:

Succeeded hot battle !!

One after another release!!

The series latest work! highest masterpiece at last

Very interesting to say the least. "Masterpiece" is a pretty big word to be throwing around, Capcom must be quite confident in whatever they're cooking.

Thanks for the translation Saki!


  1. Hmm... mysterious indeed. It seems to me that the only new Mega Man title in an existing series that Capcom would get so excited about and hype so dramatically is Mega Man 9, and, well... that already happened. None of the other series really command as much love and respect as the Classic series, so I can't imagine that Capcom would hype anything else -- be it X9, Legends 3, or ZX 3 -- and go so far as to call it a "masterpiece."

    I would say that it's maybe Mega Man 10, but it seems a little too soon for that announcement... even by Capcom standards.

    I'm getting really, really curious about what this could possibly be. How exciting. :)

  2. This is SSR3 promotion words.
    I'm sure because It appear in corocoro.

  3. This is SSR3 promotion words.
    I'm sure because It appear in corocoro.

  4. Damn, I'm waiting for it!
    PS3 or Wii, please!

  5. I hope the new series will not be a spin-off of the battle network-series. Hopefuly a more classic, like chose a stage, fight a robot, get the weapon and kick wily in his ass.

  6. Im thinking it's DASH3. The words masterpiece strike me as what could be used to describe how the title could look on a next gen system, and also note that Trigger is not displayed. (or maybe im just hoping for one too much, or maybe both haha)


    MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3 CONFIRMED OMFG I CAME!!!º11oneº1º111shiftº11º1

    nah, I hope this turns to be true.

    HYPE!! lol

  8. My guess is that it will either finally be Legends/Dash 3, a new series that is action like the Classic/X/Zero/ZX series. Or maybe it will probably be the 3rd series of Battling Virus games, that take place in the same universe as Battle Network/Star Force, which would be lame in my opinion.

  9. It's Rockman Dash 3

    There is so much demand for it

  10. I thought about this being an SSR3 ad, but why would they show it now? XD

    Legends 3 comes to mind...

    Whatever it may be, may it be in 3D (or at least have 3D models) and on wii! :D

  11. I am sure it is not going to be PS3.. but Wii becasue the creator prefer Rockman to Wii. :)

    Did you know that Rockman 9 was only for Nintendo Wii and Capcom of USA decide to import it to Wii, PSX live and Xbox Live. Japan only got Rockman 9 For Nintendo Wii so it is going to be next Wii for new game.

    I don't think it will be battle series somewhat anyway.

  12. It's reasonable to assume Megaman Legends 3.

    I heard the team which was responsible for MML went to develop MMBN series instead. After MMBN ended, they move on to MMSF series.
    Now that MMSF *might* have ended already, I think they will finally be able to work on MML.

    Not to mention Inafune's recent public comment about MML series.
    Plus Tatsunoko vs Capcom, anyone?

    I smell something fishy ;p.

  13. Well, Inafune-san did basically say that, depending on how well people received Rock Volnutt's latest appearances (namely, TvC) that might serve as all the more incentive for DASH 3 to be a reality.

    Could it be...at long last...?

  14. To people hoping it'll be on PS3: I'm pretty sure it is safe to assume it'll be on Wii or DS... since the name of the magazine is called "Nintendo Dream"

  15. XD Solarman, covering all the bases, eh? No room for error. ;)

  16. Well, you look at the picture and notice all Megamans appear there except two - the ZX Megaman and the Dash Megaman. So I wonder if it's like, all these have had their time, now it's time for one of those to have the spotlight. It'd be cool to see Dash 3 on next-gen, but I remain skeptical.

  17. I SERIOUSLY doubt the picture is a clue. They weren't being clever, you're overanalyzing it. :P

  18. Volnutt gets the least screen time, next to X.
    I really want to see these 2 games come out, because those are my favorite series

  19. Masterpiece? That's gotta be DASH 3. The original ZX was pretty much a "masterpiece" in my book, so maybe it's ZX3 (as I recall, ZXA was super-promoted, too). Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for DASH 3.

    An X8-style X9 would be cool, too... man, I love that game...

  20. I sure hope it's X9, as thats the only one out of all the "Continuing" series that I like, that hasn't gotten a sequal recently. (Barring Classic or ZX, who have gotten recent installments.)

    Or better yet, a new Power Battles/Fighters game involving all the series's bosses/heroes.

  21. I sure as hell hope there's ZX3 though this.

    And hey, this is NINTENDO DREAM magazine. If it's an already established MegaMan Game, it all points to a ZX3 announcement, but that's me being extremely hopeful.

  22. that picture lacks legends


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