Monday, December 22, 2008

Classic Series Rockman Garage Kit? That's a First

Here's a bit of a rarity; a Classic series Rockman garage kit!

This Wonder Festival '06 Revoltech-type kit is currently up for bidding at Yahoo! Auctions Japan. When completed, the figure is equipped with several articulated joints, making it a fully pose-able figure upon finishing. As with countless other WF garage kits, assembly is required.

The auction is fairly new, started a day or so ago at 10,000 Yen ($110 USD) with zero bids.


  1. Cute looking. It is perfect but 110 dollars just for this ? Crazy. Again, it's neat!

  2. Why must I be broke?! *bawls*

  3. Awesome, he looks like a girl in the face though, but hey, atleast he's cute (going a bit to close to shota there)

  4. If I were $100 richer, I would totally buy this. He looks kind of like Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman, only cuter. Even the huge joints don't look weird!

  5. If they did a Protoman one, I would buy it at even double that.

    - The Shadow -


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