Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rockman DASH Value Pack Now Up For Preorder

It's official: the Rockman DASH 1 + 2 Value Pack is a go! E-Capcom has recently opened up a pre- order page for the set which is expected to ship January 29th, 2009 for 3,140 Yen ($34 USD). If you're looking to save some money however, Rakuten is selling the pack for 2,780 Yen ($30 USD).

Of note, neither of the two shops have a stock photo of the set just yet. I expect we'll be seeing some sort of artwork as the release date draws closer.

Thanks for the tip Jimb0!


  1. Alright! Another hint to Legends 3

  2. Wow.. What a good deal! Buy it now, guys!!!!!!!!1

  3. Isn't the Japanese logo for DASH primarily Japanese instead of English with Japanese subtitles? O_o


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