Thursday, December 18, 2008

Authentic Rockman Animation Cells Auction

Yahoo! Japan is currently hosting an auction for a set of nine authentic Rockman animation cells, each used throughout the production of various "animated" projects such as Japanese TV spots. Additionally, the cells also served as reference materials for the creation of various "overseas promotional" goods.

As of this writing, the auction is currently running at 27000 Yen ($300 USD)! If you're willing to drop that much (plus the additional proxy fees), go for it.


  1. What a perfect holiday gift for any Rockman fan. Love to have one but too expensive for my blood.

  2. Wow that's an awesome find. I'm not a big enough collector to actually drop $300 on it, but I'm sure it'll make someone really happy!

  3. The bid isn't "at" $300, it's starting at $300 with no bids. People on yahoo auctions JP always start their prices out at rediculous amounts. Start it at something reasonable and let the market decide the value or don't list it all!


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