Sunday, December 7, 2008

No Secret Characters In Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

Those hoping for more Rockman characters in Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom will be sorely disappointed; according to 4gamer's interview with Capcom, there will be no hidden characters, and all characters have been announced:

4g: When speaking of fighting games, since you can’t (do something) without asking about hidden characters. How is that part of the game?

Capcom: This time we’ve got all characters available. Since we wanted to put a bang of all characters on the package, they’re all available with nobody hidden. There won’t be any character grudges.

Well, here's hoping for some U.S exlusive characters! (That is, IF we even get the game)


  1. worth it for the badass box art

  2. WTF??




  3. Hmm... Well, if they for some reason in (assuming it comes out) any American Exclusive content they add Omega, perhaps he won't be as broken and godlike as he is in Mugen...

  4. America-exclusive content? HAHAHA Not that it's not been done, but... HAHAHA

  5. You guys are so gullible. Of course they're going to say that there aren't any secret characters. If they revealed secret characters, THEY WOULDN'T BE SECRET ANYMORE.
    (optimistically joking)

  6. Protodude, just a FYI, but as has been noted already, the translation that was posted about that article is still a bit dubious, at best.

    To quote another person on GameFAQs who read the article for himself (and backs up my suspicions when I read it):

    "...He's saying he's not been stingy with hidden characters, but that he led with the big guns."

    So, in essence, the "interviewee" was basically joking to the degree of "What? All that we've shown ain't enough? XD", as if to tease.

    Besides, there are a number of other things that may do more to suggest that there may be at least a few more hopefuls to be had.

    First off, the actual strategy guide for the game doesn't come out until 12/25. Not too many Mooks/Guides of any sort come out THAT late after the game's release now-a-days, which gave reason to believe the guide contains some spoilers of some sort. And what kind of spoilers could there be for a game like this?

    Then there's another, older article from Famitsu, I believe, which said that there would indeed be characters that would be unlocked in both the Wii and Arcade versions, most likely through time lapse. The Wii exclusives (like Viewtiful Joe) will stay that way, but there seem to be more that may lie in wait.

    So, in essence, the 4gamer interview can be taken in slightly different contexts. We'll find out the truth in a few days any way...

    ...Though in any case, at this point, I doubt any more Rockman characters will appear.

  7. Damn it, I hoped for Speedy Cerviche/Yattaro to be in, and not just be a "Joke" Fighter either...

    *Sigh*, You can go back to ignoring the show now, Tatsunoko...

  8. "*Sigh*, You can go back to ignoring the show now, Tatsunoko..."

    It's not that they're "ignoring" it. Rather, that they really can't do anything with that show, and other shows like it (Komugi, Tekkaman Blade), because they don't have the explicit rights to use those properties. They're co-owned with other companies, meaning Tatsunoko only shares the rights, and can't do anything else without the other party(ies)'s say.

    So, for order for Yattaro to be in the game, Tatsunoko and Capcom would have to get in touch with Sotsu TV, who helped them with production.

    The problem? Sotsu a subsidiary of NAMCO-BANDAI.

    So, in essence, it's more of a thing about money and scratching each other's backs, rather than Tatsunoko and Capcom ignoring a series that actually was quite popular in Japan back in its hey-day.

    Maybe for a sequel, they'll be willing to play ball on Tatsunoko and Capcom's terms...but for now...

  9. Ahh... I didn't know 3rd parties were involved.

    Well that changes it all then. Disregard my last post.

  10. Whoa! I never realized Viewtiful Joe was in this game! And that it's coming out for Wii! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!! Joe, Legends Rockman, and Roll all in one game! How awesome is THAT?! They'd better release this overseas! And if Zero or Omega makes it in as a hidden character, they might as well change the US title to "Awesome in a box!"

  11. Yup like capcom saids no more hidden character...i have the game and only 4 character can be unlocked and if you see the box of the game you can know who they are.

    To bad i really expect more form capcom, well whatever i hope they only release MHtri soon XD, before i rellay going to start to hate capcom XD.

    Hidden Character:

    Veatiful joe (from VJ XD)
    Ippatsuman (Battle of planet new movie is Ace with another cloth ¬¬)
    Hakushon Daimaou (The fat and stupid genious)
    Saki Omokane (The bitch with the long cannon)

    Nothing and sadly nothing more.


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