Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tatsunoko vs.Capcom May Come to North America..Somehow

Regardless of the numerous licensing issues, Capcom USA is still bent on bringing Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom to North America. Destructoid's Ben Perlee spoke with Capcom USA's own Seth Killian regarding the issue:

Destructoid: Starting simply, why isn’t Tatsunoko vs Capcom coming to the United States?

Seth Killian, Capcom’s Community Manager: We’ve had some licensing challenges, and if you’ve read the Capcom-Unity blog, I’m a big fan of the game and posting all the material I have on it up there, cause it’s a great, great fun new experience, but the licensing hurdles …

You know, Tatsunoko is all owned by…Tatsunoko in Japan. And in the West, they’re not. A lot of challenges there, but we’ve definitely recognized interest from a lot of people, and we’re looking to try and find a way to get Tatsunoko vs Capcom action to Western fans.

Destructoid: So there is a chance Tatsunoko vs Capcom will come to the United States?

Seth Killian
: Yes

A bit vague, though it is very reassuring to know Capcom's working on something.


  1. You can do it, Capcom!

  2. Seth Killian *is* vague, I don't take his comments as a Capcom voice. He stated that stupid fake Rockman9 secret probably for merchandising.

  3. As a last resort, they can always just remove the most problematic characters licensing-wise. It wouldn't be the first time they've done it (Norimaro in Marvel Vs. Street Fighter). Not a good scenario, sure, but it would probably be better than getting no game at all.

  4. I'd be OK with that... Remove all the Tatsunoko characters and just make it a Capcom All-Stars fighter?

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