Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rockman Places Fourth In Famitsu's "Standout Character of 2008"

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu revealed a year end poll that asked readers and Japanese retailers to rank the biggest pieces of gaming news from 2008. As an added bonus, Famitsu also asked pollers to name their the "standout" game character of the year. The results:

1. Old Snake (MGS4)
2. Mario
3. Felynes (Monster Hunter)
4. Rockman
5. Professor Layton

Nice. In related news, Capcom was declared to be the standout publisher of the year at the #1 spot.

For the complete results, head on over to 1Up.


  1. 5. Professor Layton


  2. Capcom is pretty amazing with Rockman alone, and if you add all the other ingenious IP's they have, they rock an awful lot.

    They are my second favorite right after Nintendo.

    Kudos to Rockman for the win!

  3. Awesome. I am proud of Rockman! ^-^


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