Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bunch of Capcom Games Coming To PSN In '09

Well, it's about time we saw some old Capcom Playstation titles on Playstation Network! Today, Capcom's John Diamond briefly hinted at increasing support for downloadable content of PSN and PSP:

"So what's in store for 09? Well, I'm working with Grace and Ro at SCEA to come up with some innovative ways we can offer games and programs on the PlayStation Store. You can expect to see a whole slew of downloadable PSP and PSone titles from our vault next year."

Hopefully, both Maverick Hunter X and MegaMan Powered Up will get re-released and god willing, MegaMan Legends 1 and 2.


  1. Very disappointment in Capcom.. VERY DISAPPOINTMENT!

  2. Hope so. And while Capcom's at the revival thing, give us Megaman 64 on VC! And a port of Legends 2! And IHX and MMPU on WiiWare!

    And Legends 3! XD

  3. One thing I realy want is port IHX and MMPU on WiiWare or a disc! :D

  4. This is great, I havn't played Megaman Legends 1 and 2 for ages since 8 years old.

    I really can't wait for it.

  5. or... GASP! Maybe they will release Tron Bonne? I don't want to pay 100 dollars for that game!


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