Monday, December 8, 2008

What's Cooler Than Pogs? MegaMan X Pogs!

Anybody remember pogs? Man, those things were great! I remember I had a pretty hefty collection back in the day, though I can't recall what became of it. Anyway, if you feel like reliving the nostalgia, check out this Ebay auction for a complete set of the Nintendo Power MegaMan X pogs.

"This is a set of 18 Mega Man X pogs distributed with the December 1993 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. Originally, each issue shipped with one set of 6 pogs, of which there were 3 varieties. Here you get all 3 sets still sealed in their packages. These are very hard to come by. "

I sure do miss the 90's...


  1. Oh gosh... pasty skin, parted hair, huge plastic glasses, hoky pre-teenage love movies... Gotta love 'em...

    But yea, the 90's do hold something special. Makes me extremely sad when I think about them. In ten years we'll be laughing at this decade's spiky hair and Hannah Montana.

  2. Just one quick question: What ARE Pogs?

  3. Waaaugh! I had those! In fact, they're probably still at the bottom of a drawer somewhere...

  4. Heh, I still got mine. I forget how I got the other two sets now. I still have the issue they came in too, the one with a silver Megaman X cover. Sometimes it's nice to never throw things away :)


    I found them a while back in special NP Pog Holder at a garage sale, it also had Mario, Metroid, Starfox, and Zelda pogs. Best part? It was ALL $1!

  6. Yep, I still have these lying around somewhere too. :D

  7. They gave those out at the BN6 tournament back in 2006. Even I still have one.


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