Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SSR3 Is So Dead

Last weeks' Japanese charts aren't in just yet, but based on VGChartz preliminary numbers, Shooting Star Rockman 3 is pretty much dead sales wise.

Pictured is the preliminary Nintendo DS sales chart. Notice the cut off at Higurashi no Nakukoru ni Kizuna: Dai-Ni-Kan? Anything below that game most likely brought in less than 11,000 or so units. Based on SSR3's position last week....well, let's just say the game might be in the thousands by now. Not too good at all.

Still, these are just preliminary numbers, nothing official yet. The "real" sales numbers should be up and out sometime tomorrow.


  1. Oh no NO!!
    Guess we don't get to see SSR 4 anymore... But I wonder people why don't even buy the game especially is so much better than the first two...?
    Me curious.

  2. They didnt say they re going to SSR 4 if it is popular.. They said SSR 3 was the final and that's it.

    Anyway, I am not surprised because SSR series wasn't good games to my opinion even thought I am fan of Rockman/Megaman. :/

  3. It's a lot of things, mainly the SSR franchising. The first version was "good" news, as an EXE successor, but the bomb has dropped in SSR2 Tribe - kind of lost of interest by the story and the missing EXE cool features, unbeatable. SSR3 was an hurry for goodies, but the final result was a bomb. As I said, the USA side may love it, but only the Japan side takes into account. :(


    The pokémon rockman game will die soon !


  5. It's really a shame, as has been said before RnR3 is loads better than the last two.

    One argument you can make is that these past two weeks have seen a lot of big releases on the DS alone (Hi Layton, hi CTDS.)

    Maybe thing'sll pick up around the holidays, but I doubt it.

  6. yay!

    I don't like megaman starforce... ...and I'm glad this is the last game in the series lol!

  7. I have to say as a Rockman fan, I just don't like the Shooting Star Rockman series. No matter how I try, I just can't seem to get into it. If this is the end of Shooting Star Rockman series, this will probably convince Capcom to stop making more Rockman spin-offs and focus on the older series.

  8. Pretty sad news. I'm still hoping the sales will pick up or at least go at a steady pace to eventually come up with some decent numbers. Oh well, can't say that I'm surprised with the waves of other great handheld and console games. SSR3 may be a good game but there are better games out there. I'm just sad to see low sales for a Rockman title.

  9. Hm, unfortunate. @Anon: where did they say that? By all accounts, it seems that they intended to continue, with that whole "subaru growing with the player." and "climax" as I said before not only sometimes means the middle, but it may not have been the correct word in translation.

    Anyway, I'm not even sure I'll pick this one up. In the EXE games, I was compelled to play until I couldn't anymore. Once I beat the final boss in RnR2, I didn't pick it up again. It lost the EXE magic, unfortunately. :\

  10. They paid for their arrogant sales strategy. Here's to the next Mega Man series that takes place "100 years" after Ryuusei.

  11. Perhaps they'll go back to EXE, then. We know that sold well. I wouldn't' mind an EXE7, perhaps featuring Rockman 9's robot masters as the enemy navis.

  12. It's the DAMN ECONOMY!!!!
    Japanese kids are getting adult jobs, they're growing!!!!
    No replacement, no sale, no luck!!!!

    SSR 3 may not be dead...I hold high hopes for it, but blame King Cash Cow's big death for why sales suck, NOT Capcom...

    By the way, I'm a Ryuuseiholic, but I also like EXE...I do better with Ryuusei...

    Also, whoever called this "Pokemon Rockman" what are you? 6!?
    Whoever said there'll be no SSR 4, go play EXE 3, then EXE 4...history must always repeat in games!!

  13. Well, as long as SSR3 still comes to America, I don't care anymore what happens to the series after that. If Capcom makes a fourth game, I'll gladly buy it; if they don't, I'll just live with my memories. The death of one series is okay, but it's the impact on the franchise as a whole that could be a problem. I seriously doubt they would shelve MegaMan because of this, so everything should be fine.

  14. The game might sell quite well in the US, but even when you put global sales together, you won't get much.

    And Capcom Japan doesn't care about the US(the largest) market. They're strategy is a little arrogant because they aim everything at a tiny margin and expect everyone on Earth to buy it.

    Take Oil Man for instance. Isn't that a bold, arrogant character design?

  15. Overanalyzing. :P They aren't being arrogant.

    And for crying out loud, it is NOT the economy's fault!

    I'd be happy with a return to EXE... but we all know that won't happen.

  16. It's definately the economy here... people can't buy games if they can't buy food to even put on the table for themselves. Japan's markets were hurt and the global economy is slowing down.

    And to all of the EXE fans, I was one too until I played Ryuusei, then I became a Ryuusei fan (although the game i'd most like is either a brawl like rcokman game *cough scramble battle cough* or another DASH game. I'd be sad if they ended the series now, but then again, atleast they would have wrapped things up, unlike how they did with DASH.

  17. What does your switch to Ryusei fandom have to do with the EXE fans? They've most likely all tried it by now. I agree with anonymous, the economy is not the cause here.

  18. The Economy IS part of the problem, but it's only a minor one. The true cause?

    RnR is no EXE. It's nowhere near as fun, and has little replay value (to me, at least).

    EXE2 I STILL play. Hell, any EXE game other than 4 is still fun to play. But I never touched RnR after I beat it. Same with RnR, beat the final boss, never picked it up again. I didn't even bother with the extra areas. It's just... not as fun.

  19. Role: True dat. The RnR-not-as-good part. I don't think the economy has anything to do with it. :P

  20. just wait. I have a good feeling. Secondly Role, you're nothing for not playing it fully.

  21. >Role: It's your opinion...but then the Japanese think Rockman is Rockman is Rockman...and DAMN YOU FOR TELLING EVERYONE YOU DIDN'T GET ALL THE CLEAR STARS!! Also, the economy isn't just a part, it IS the whole...

    Plus, how many 40+ people play Rockman other than those with chiptunes anyway!

  22. I'd wager a guess most of them. The economy is NOT THE PROBLEM. Other games are selling more than RnR, are they not? We aren't talking about the overall slump, we're talking about it not being at the top. :P


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