Friday, December 12, 2008

Boss Weakness Charts Will Tickle Your Fancy

Stumped on a particular Robot Master's weakness? Fret not my friend, CyberMoonStudios' got your back.

"CyberMoonStudios has some great new Mega Man art. It's fun on its own, but if you look closely, you'll also see the image reveals the special vulnerability of each Robot Master. There are similar pieces for MM1, MM2, and MM3 as well. Great art, and news you can use all in one. "

I got a few good lolz out of these. I never realized how nonsensical some of the vulnerabilities were until now.

News Credit: Capcom-Unity, s-kill


  1. LOL, that was a good one.
    Megaman: WTF? What happen to u guys?

  2. The best is Metal Man punching himself in the face.

  3. Oh yeah, I love these things. Stumbled onto them a while back. Great stuff. Maybe he'll do the X games someday.

  4. I got a good laugh at the MM3 Needle Man, Snake Man, Gemini Man one.

    Those are definitely funny, I hope the person does more.


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