Monday, December 1, 2008

Ryuusei no Rockman "TV Game" Footage

Video footage from the little known Ryuusei no Rockman game, "Denpa Henkan! On Air!", a "plug and play" TV game released way back in 2006.

Looking a little Super Adventure there, eh? Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest pieces of RnR merchandise yet. Unfortunately, the device remains a Japanese exclusive with little hope of seeing a world wide release.

The device, released by Takara TOMY, is a self contained module that hooks up to a TV set. Players wear a WarRock shaped motion detector on their arm to execute various actions on screen (in vein of a Wii remote). The game presents players with numerous challenges that range from shooting on screen targets, to swipping at foes and the like.

Those interested in purchasing the game can find it on Rinkya quite often...Actually, as of this writing there is one up for bidding right now!

Many, many, many thanks to MKVarana for filming the footage! Expect more gameplay footage coming soon!


  1. The one playing doesn't look too good at paying.. I would've liked to see what happens when you win.

  2. Sweet! Makes me want a 3D open-world RnR game on Wii...

    Since they gipped us with RM.EXENT and made it a side scroller... >_> It would've been so much better in full 3D.

  3. Could anyone rip the title theme from that? It sounds a bit different from shooting star 1.

  4. Sweet! Even the animation is great, more than I can say for some other Plug and Plays I've seen...

    Wonder if this is the same PaP device mentioned a while back?

  5. "The one playing doesn't look too good at paying.. I would've liked to see what happens when you win."

    I'm the one who was playing it...

    In order to record the game on the PC, I had the receiver in a spot where it wasn't really responding properly (this is really obvious if you watch just how many times I switch between the buster and the sword, as that's done with a hand motion and not a button). As Protodude said, I might be making some more, so maybe I can find a better spot for it.


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