Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rockman X2 Comes To Mobile Phones

Japanese i-Mode mobile phones are getting a little treat this week: Rockman X2!

Like the former Rockman X port, X2 is a near complete copy of its Super Famicom counterpart. The only real difference is a cropped aspect ratio to fit mobile phone displays. Other that, everything's the same; no new modes or gimmicks, just a simple port.

View the "official site" for more pictures.


  1. Bah, give us maverick hunter x2 insted =)

  2. why bother for Mobile phones ? The resolution size is terrible. They should import to a bigger size like Iphone or Tmobile sidekick.

  3. Yea, it saddens me to see the MHX promo instead of an X promo, while X2 still uses its own.
    I'd honestly rather see a MHX2/MM2PU instead of a new ZX or SF, especially since X2 is one my all-time favorite games.


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