Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SSR3 Sales Data Update

Been a little while since we last saw some Shooting Star Rockman 3 sales data. How's it holding up during this merry time of year?

As of last week, SSR3 sold an additional 12k, bringing our grand total to around 130k. When compared to the totals of SSR1 and SSR2 at this time of year, SSR3's not looking all too well. SSR1 was at a whopping 300k while SSR2 pulled in around 200k. Ouch.


  1. Huh. Can't say I'm too surprised, though. Any chance we can see a comparison of that chart to the sales of the EXE series?

  2. Sure thing. Here's a quickie, EXE 3 and 4 compared to SSR3:

  3. ...It's the it weakens and as kids stop appearing, sales plummet...
    It's got the "Third Time's The Charm" air to it, but a bad economy, and the 11/13 release was somewhat of the cause...

    Or it could be Sequel Syndrome...which ALL series suffer...

  4. Holy crap, EXE4 got more sales than EXE3?? And everyone says 4 was the worst while 3 was the best. XD

    Well, not me personally, I like them all...

    Dang that's a big difference. Maybe this will make them bring back EXE. XD Nobody flame! Just kidding, it's not going to happen, no need to yell that you hate EXE. :P

  5. Not the economy. Not the economy. Not. The. Economy.



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