Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mystery MegaMan X Demo Cartridge Back On Ebay

Remember this mysterious item from way back when? The seller, toysoldandnew, is selling another copy of the supposed "demo cartridge" on ebay for $24.99:
"Megaman X game cartridge with odd label for the Super Nintendo in perfect working order. Label is clean, but only because it was in a cartridge bag that is yellowed and dirty with dust. Spine label simply reads Super Nintendo.

I had posted a thread about these cartridges on
Digitpress about two months ago and received some plausible theories about what this cartridge is. The background on this cartridge is this: It was in a batch of cartridges I bought from an auction house in California. Samples like the above were in yellowed dirty plastic cartridge bags.

Some of the games had no labels at all (41Bowling). Back of each cart is embossed with the care info instead of having a label.
Like the picture above, some say Majesco Sales Inc, while other samples say Must Be Returned To QC, have nothing or have Blank written in ink on them under the title.

What it could be:
Could be an In-House Test Cart, but have no way to know this. Others have mentioned it could be an In-Store demo release. Some say it could be Majesco Overstock.

What it is NOT:

It is NOT a prototype.
Certainly not a rental as a few thought. Why would they take the original labels off and replace with something like this? "

Still, no concrete information as to what is contained within the cartridge. For all we know, this could turn out to be a really rare collector's item or nothing more than a cheap rebrand of the retail version.


  1. I really dunno about "hard to get" a good SuperNES to test it. It doesn't smell good... :(

  2. Majesco? Did Majesco contribute to MMX's development? O_o When did Majesco stop manufacturing cartridges?

  3. Report ? I smell a rat! This seller is not to be trust.

  4. (Step 1) Gather common SNES cartridges
    (Step 2) Remove game labels
    (Step 3) Print plain, proto-type looking labels & apply to cartridges
    (Step 4) List on ebay for 4x what the original game is worth

  5. Majesco used to reissue and distribute older games after they had run out of print (they even did this with the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive console itself). Megaman X was one of the titles that they reissued with Capcom, sometime around 1999.

    [I used to work for Majesco back when these games were being shipped]

  6. These were made for instore use. There is nothing different or special about it. All it is for is basically kiosk use. Just to demo the game off. They are not worth anymore than the original. If not worth less.


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