Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rockman DASH Dev. Team Screwing Around

Shortly after the release of Rockman DASH 2 in 2000, the developers decided to have a little fun with the game, messing around with various graphics and physics to create some highly entertaining pieces of "artwork."

Pictured is an example of said art, here we have Roll "without her makeup." Odd...

Check out the complete gallery at the old Rockman DASH hub. (click "Secret Gallery", then Rockman DASH 2)


  1. You know, I can kind of see the similarities between EXE and DASH's designs... Anybody else notice the the two Rockmans have a very similar hair style?

  2. I remember that gallery. Good times.

  3. To anonymous:

    Part of the D.A.S.H.'s committee went on to make .Exe. which is why you might notice those few similarities. I believe EXE 3 had the purple shirt chubby lady design from D.A.S.H. 1.



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