Thursday, December 25, 2008

SSR3 Sees Sales Boost

Just in time for Christmas, Shooting Star Rockman 3 saw a spike in sales last week.

According to VGChartz, Black Ace and Red Joker sold a collective 20,000 units last week (rounded), bringing the title to a total of 150,000 units. Notably, SSR3 fell from its former #23 spot all the way down to #37.


  1. oh well, might as well end the series since they said it might be the last in the series.

  2. just ended plz, Capcom, since it's confirm whether or not is the last in the seires.

  3. Nobody EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER said that this would be the last in the series. If anything, they said it wouldn't be when they talked about Subaru growing with the player.

    Why can't people get that through their heads?

  4. thats what I don't get. When Capcom says they will end a series, they will let us know. When they don't end a series, once again, they will let the fans know. It's that simple. keep going, SSR.

  5. Yeah, please ended it and I am sure of it and please move to a new series.. Not familiar to EXE series but a brand new and cool like 2-D platformed like Klonoa for NDSi/NDS :D

  6. They said SSR3 would be the climax in the series so far. They never said anything about ending the series.

    I don't mind SSR continuing, especially after SSR3 which was much better than the previous 2.
    I just wish Capcom would continue ZX already now that MM9 is finished.

  7. I'm not even sure if the right word was climax. That might be the best fit for translation, but even climax could mean the middle of the series. I honestly don't have a preference as to whether or not SSR continues. I was a fan of EXE and therefore picked up the first two, but it just doesn't get me like the EXE series. I don't enjoy it as much, though it's still ok.

    It's fairly obvious that Anon#2 and Anon#4 are the same person, in case you were trying to pass yourself off as someone else.


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